I Heart Yoga is a close-knit yoga community that offers a variety of classes for men, women and children at our studio located in Cary, IL. In addition to offering smaller class sizes and private sessions in our studio, we also offer yoga and personal training sessions at your home, office, school and more. We care about our students and want their experience at I Heart Yoga to be a positive one whether you're new to yoga or have been practicing for many years. For more info on preparing for your first class, visit our new student page.

What to expect in class

To have fun! And to feel more open, stretched and relaxed when you leave.

A typical class begins with warm-ups before moving into standing poses, balance poses, abdominal exercises, hip and hamstring openers, and back-bends. Every class ends with a brief resting period called savasana.

Wear comfortable clothing; something that stretches and that you can easily move in.

Benefits of Yoga

Improves flexibility, tones and strengthens muscles, and supports the spine

Improves circulation

Creates balance in all areas of life, including work, relationships, and health

Promotes better restful sleep

Reduces stress overall

Demonstrates how to live in the present moment.

Shows how to respond vs. react to all situations

Creates a strong connection to spirit

Shows how to release and let go of what we can't control

Promotes better awareness to everything around us

Deeper connection to the breath

Allows us to be more at peace with ourselves, our family, and the community

Boosts metabolism for weight loss

Increases balance, focus, and discipline

Improves endocrine, digestive, circulative, and nervous systems

Raises energy level

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