Cultivating self-love through yoga

There’s a lot of talk about self love and what it should look like. If you would have talked to me about this topic years ago, I would have thought it sounded selfish, strange and uncomfortable. I thought getting my hair done or taking the time to read a book or watch a movie was doing enough to love myself. I thought giving more than I was receiving in my relationships meant I was a good partner or friend. Today, I feel differently. I have chosen to be single for the last year and have made a conscious choice to not only work on myself but REALLY get to know who I am, which by the way, includes shining a light on my flaws and the dark places within myself that take real work to deal with. I haven’t done this alone, I have 2 life coaches and a therapist who all offer me different lessons and feedback. I chose every day to deal with it all because I want to heal and I want to build a strong, loving relationship with myself. Even in my darkest moments, and believe me there have been many throughout this process, I actively choose to love myself, the good and the bad.  

For me, practicing yoga is very much about self love. Last night I was listening to one of my favorite songs to practice yoga to on repeat (you can listen to it HERE), as I moved through whatever flow popped in my head. It was peaceful and wonderful and I loved myself through every breath and every movement. Yoga is amazing that way. Teaching me, guiding me and letting me love myself, even when I mess up on a pose or fall over when I’m trying to balance.

Just like yoga, learning to love myself is full of mistakes and those dark moments when I don’t know which way is up. Some days are good, some are bad but the journey is worth it because it makes me stronger and deepens the connection I have with myself. I saw this quote the other day and it was a wonderful reminder that I am exactly where I need to be.