Everyone was a beginner once

I hear a lot from students, “You make it look so easy!” or “I’ll never be able to do that pose,” and I always feel a little frustrated when people say that because I believe anyone can practice yoga and is fully capable of building their practice to doing more advanced poses, if that’s what they chose to do. It does take time though.

I’ve been practicing yoga for 8 years, teaching for 3 and have countless hours of doing both. At this point, there are poses that are easy for me to do and some that require more work and more practice. Some days I challenge myself and some days I follow a slow, simple flow. Yoga doesn’t have to be perfect, sometimes I wobble, sometimes I fall but it still feels good to practice.

We all start as beginners. I was once the student in the room that felt insecure and wondering what the hell I had gotten myself into and not knowing a damn thing about yoga or how I would ever be able to balance on one leg without falling over. I was also the student that never thought teaching yoga would be possible because introverts don’t teach! I was wrong about it all and so are you. You CAN do that pose, you CAN progress to difficult poses (if that’s your desire), and you CAN practice yoga without feeling like you have to progress to a yoga practice that involves Instagram worthy handstands on the beach. And by the way f**k what everybody else is doing (including your yoga teacher), do what feels right for you and your body, the rest will come and someday someone may tell you that you make it all look so easy.