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Meet Melissa (Esthetician)

Melissa Armstrong is an Illinois licensed esthetician and global skin wellness coach who has helped thousands of clients achieve healthy skin naturally.  She owns

Cleanse In Truth Skincare Clinic with her husband where she offers customized organic facials, fundamental skin and ingredient education, and passionately formulates and creates customized hand crafted organic skincare products for her local and global clientele. Melissa believes in transparency of her life’s work and empowerment through what she calls real fundamental skin education.  By educating the community and her clients on skin functionality and teaching self connectivity rituals she is assisting the self love skin renewal movement through inner outer skin body awareness; which has been calling to her since she was a little girl. Melissa began her education career teaching skin cancer prevention for world renown surgical dermatologists over a decade ago while working as a medical esthetician very early on in her career. She is now sought nationally and globally for her holistic skin care practices and insights.

Melissa has been healing her life of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse that began at the age of 2 years old where she witnessed extreme domestic violence during her entire childhood and teenage years.  She feels thankful that throughout her healing journey Reiki and meditation were introduced to her when she was only eight years old. During her first transcendental meditation experience she acknowledges it felt like home and she immediately began a private daily practice of going inward before bedtime as a young child.  At the age of nine she was diagnosed with severe depression and began taking oral medications while simultaneously engaging in weekly talk therapy sessions with a clinical psychologist.  By fifteen she still carried the diagnosis of severe depression but with greater body ailments such as gut pains and facial skin issues both consistently increasing.  Life was a blur until ten years later a Reiki Master appeared into her life who started her on a deeper path of self study through Reiki and Ayurveda. She struggled with acne that continued into her very early twenties and she followed the call to enroll in esthetics school. She immersed herself in studies through herbalism, aromatherapy, plant spirit essences and face and neck lymphatic drainage following the Vodder technique regarded as the best of the best lymphatic education in the industry. When she became a wife and mother at 29 she met her second Reiki Master who would become a lifelong friend and life long healing mentor of hers, Lee Anne Clarbour of Elemental Connections in Bloomingdale, IL.  It is through Lee Anne that Melissa would become certifiably attuned in Usui Reiki Level 1, 2 and Master Level and become introduced to inner child self healing practices. She is planning her Master Teacher certification training to complete in early 2019. Following the death of her Grandmother, Aunt and then early passing of her father, she obtained advanced trainings in autoimmune and oncology esthetics and became a certified Oncology Esthetician.

She is currently a volunteer mentor on an Acne Clearing Membership Academy known as the Love Vitamin created by Tracy Raftl, a skin, body, and life wellness advocate who has also helped thousands achieve clear skin. Over the years Tracy has adopted some of Melissa’s skin renewing methods to assist her clients in deeper skin and emotional clarity. Tracy has featured Melissa’s methods in a mind body clearing one-on-one client program. Tracy has featured her educational writings through her skin healing blog page www.thelovevitamin.com. Recently, Melissa shared her first ever life career story through a podcast interview with Julie and Charlie Cates of Muscle Activation in Schaumburg, IL, a one to one workout and education clinic and has been chosen as one of the primary speakers in the first ever Schaumburg Health Summit to be held in May, 2019.

Clients new and old fly in to experience her customized authentic approach to skin repair at the foundational level. Her very first client from over 13 years ago is still with her today. Melissa is a visionary who has helped grow the green holistic organic skincare movement from its infancy and she is only beginning to share her vast knowledge through her experiences and research.  Melissa has positioned herself as a global organic esthetic leader in her industry and has an impassioned mission to guide to foundational healing to anyone who is receptive and ready for a mind, body and spirit energy shift.