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Reiki Healing

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*Select which service and worker you would like, then click on the dates to see available times. Dayna email you a confirmation. If you want a certain day/time you don’t see available, please email Dayna.infinity@gmail.com

Reiki Session Pricing

1 Hour Reiki Session – $75.00

Half Hour Reiki Session – $45.00

Current Package Offers:

Four 1 Hour Reiki sessions for $290

Six 1 Hour Reiki sessions for $420


*To book your appointment please contact Dayna at: dayna.infinity@gmail.com

Meet Dayna!

“My passion and drive is to help others on their journey, in many different ways. I’ve always been a very creative person, and I love to express myself with many different mediums. I believe that we can all help one another heal, learn and grow by encouraging one another and supporting one another.

My vision is to hold a safe space for those who are looking to learn, grow and take their lives to new heights. It is my firm belief that healing takes on many forms, and it is important to take action in ones own healing process. {IE – Gross to Subtle} Identify, process, learn, heal, act and grow.

From my personal experience and practice with yoga, it has helped me gain a deeper sense of awareness, an increase in my lung capacity, endurance and much more! Yoga has also helped me gain a more profound sense of peace and ease. This is something I wish to cultivate with others in their own yoga practice too! These things alone just barely scratch the surface, and I have found that the benefits of yoga definitely surpass just the physical asanas.

Reiki, for those who are wondering is pronounced ‘Ray-Key’. Rei meaning universal life energy or all knowing and Ki meaning life force or breath. It can be practiced by simple light touch or “laying on hands”, or via short or long distances. The practice of reiki is based on the idea that within us flows an “unseen life force energy” which helps us feel alive. So, think of receiving reiki as a spa day for your soul! With reiki, my vision is to help those who are looking to taking on an active role when it comes to their healing, spiritual or non spiritual journey. Reiki can help reduce stress and profound relaxation. When we give our bodies and minds permission to relax and let go, that is where healing can begin.

I wish to continue to practice discernment on my journey going forward, to help others heal, let go and have fun when the world may seem a little chaotic. Life’s too short to not show up for yourself. We should all practice self care and help one another in the process.