Small group and private yoga in the studio or at your home, office or school.



  • Personal Training

    I Heart Yoga works with adults, seniors and kids of all different fitness levels. Each training session is thoughtfully planned to meet the needs and goals of each client. I like to make workouts fun so my clients aren't only seeing results, but enjoying their workouts. I work with clients on balance, stability, agility, strength and cardiovascular as well as using stretching techniques to help decrease pain caused by chronic illnesses or physical limitations. I am huge fan of using your own body weight during each workout. You don't need machines or a bunch of equipment to complete a great workout!

  • Corporate Yoga/Exercise Classes

    Bring yoga and other fun exercises to your workplace to help your employees relieve stress and prevent injury. When you have happy and healthy employees productivity increases and absences are reduced. See our Corporate Yoga/Exercise flyer below for more info.

  • After School Yoga

    Teaching kids yoga is very different from teaching adults. I heart Yoga incorporates games, songs, and props to help teach kids balance, strength, confidence and much more. We offer after school classes for multiple school districts!

  • Private Yoga Sessions (one-on-one or group)

    Nervous about joining a yoga class filled with strangers? Or new to yoga and want to learn more before entering a class? I Heart Yoga offers private sessions, tailored to the client, at your location or in the studio.

  • Brunch/Beer Yoga

    Are you a local restaurant owner looking for a new way to bring in customers? Brunch or Beer yoga is a great way for people to start off their Sunday morning or end their long workday. Stretch, relax and stay for brunch or a beer! Contact us for package options and pricing.